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    Lightbulb The failure of the two party system in America

    Our first President was firmly against a two party system. I am as well. Currently, no candidate running for an office that is being endorsed by either the DNC or GOP has a chance of making real progress for the constituents that voted them into office. Too much is owed to the "Party". Without the "Party" backing there would be no reelection next time around. Without the influence wielded by each party dividing the nation into a bunch of yelling, screaming intentionally misinformed red or blue state puppets the parties would have no financial funding. And money is what the parties are about. They do not represent the people. Democrats have no new ideas to solve problems. Republicans claim to have ideas yet fail to articulate anything of substance. It is time to toss the entire two party system out and elect individuals who share your convictions and who honor the Constitutional limits set on government.
    Thank you.
    Robert Rand

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    I agree that both parties largely suck these days and we really need a change. But one party as a whole is far worse than the other, and I'll continue to generally vote against that party and cast votes towards candidates in the other party until there's a better alternative.

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